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My Journey

I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. In fact I was born in the centre of the capital, therefore I am what is known as a “porteño”. I grew up in the 90s, which means that I witnessed the rise of pop boy/girl bands, the Disney Renaissance, and an event that left a significant footprint on me: Jurassic Park. Dinosaurs chasing people. What really hit me wasn’t the dinosaurs per se, but the fact that somehow, somewhere… living that sort of adventure was possible. And that was so much… FUN.


In my early teens my parents and I, with my dog and cat, moved to Spain. Our destination was a region called Asturias, Natural Paradise - to be fair the marketing does justice to the region - More precisely we arrived in Gijon. A small but picturesque city by the shore. Little I knew was that waiting there for me was the ESAD Asturias (School of Dramatic Arts).


By 2007 I had spent enough time crying for relationships that weren’t meant to be, running for my life, working in hospitals - wait a minute, what is he talking about? you think - chasing vampires, escaping from an island after a plane crash… It was time to make choices, time to commit. Application for the BA - Acting Course: Submitted. Audition done. Place offered. Suddenly, 2011. Graduated.


A year later I moved to Madrid - I’m no stranger to noise and crowds. I’m a “porteño” after all, remember - I lived there for two years. Two years of Physical Theatre. Two years of creations every week. Raw and pure theatre. An era was ending, and so was 2014. Click here. Buy now. Check In. Gate 21A. Me, my friend and an overpriced tiny room with a bunk bed. Welcome to London. Despite the fact that there was still a lot of learning to do, I was not regretting buying that flight. A year to settle down, to discover a different city, a different culture, myself. 


Resetting…  It was time to make choices, time to commit. Application for the MT Foundation Course: Submitted. Audition done. Place offered. 2016, graduated. Application for the MA in Musical Theatre: Submitted. Audition done. Place offered - wait for it - Not enough money to pay the course fee. Work. Save. Work. Save. New year. Application for the MA in Musical Theatre: Submitted. Audition done. Place offered, again. Course paid - It better be a good year - It was. It was an amazing year. 2018, graduated.  


Since 2007 there’ve been many rehearsals, plays, auditions, rejections, nights at the theatre, improv, plans, plans cancelled, musicals, dance classes, accents classes, singing lessons, tumbling classes, Bollywood,  trips, laughs, tears, friends, frenemies, enemies - not really - enemiends - I’m making this one up - Eminem, M&M - I got carried away - meetings, gigs, shootings, tours, magic, passion, hopes. And the most important thing, the one that Jurassic Park promised… to have FUN.


What’s coming next ? For sure some writing. Hopefully new people, projects, collaborations, adventures.


But most of all - and I hope it never stops - the reason to do this, the essence…



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